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31 best free hardware diagnostics and troubleshooting applications in windows


Today, we've put together and presented you 31 of the best free diagnostic apps to help you research, evaluate, fix (troubleshoot windows) or check your computer hardware, such as processors, memories, graphics cards, hard drives disks and more.

Defective RAM can cause many problems on a computer, such as corrupted data, crashes, and unexplained behavior. Poor RAM is one of the most frustrating problems, as the symptoms are often accidental and difficult to detect. MemTest86, however, is an excellent diagnostic tool that can help diagnose faulty RAM (or rule it out as a cause of system instability). It is therefore often used by PC repair shops, overclockers and computer manufacturers. Boots from a USB flash drive or CD and checks your computer's RAM for errors using a set of integrated algorithms and test patterns. The latest version of MemTest86 supports all current technologies.



Tweaking.com - Windows Repair is an all-in-one repair tool that will help you resolve a number of known Windows issues, including registry and file errors, as well as Internet Explorer, Windows Update, and Windows Firewall and more. Also with Tweaking.com - Windows Repair you can restore the original Windows settings. You can either download the program as an installer to install it on your computer or download the portable file to run the application without installation.

Before you start the program provides you with 3 steps of investigating the problem before proceeding to repair it. More specifically, it checks your computer for problems that may have been caused by a virus or a problem in the operation of the windows file system.

If you are sure that the problem does not come from there you can start directly from the stage where you choose to create a restore point for all your settings so far immediately after on the next tab ΄΄start repair΄΄ press the start button to start the investigate and repair problems on your computer. If you know exactly what you are looking for, uncheck the boxes that are checked by default and you do not need them, otherwise leave them as they are. The program will investigate and repair all the problems by restoring the correct settings in windows.

You should keep in mind that it can not fix everything, and if you find a problem that is not in the list of problems to be solved you can well declare it in the forum of the program developer so that the developers take it into account and in the next version to include it. Finally, before starting the repair, be sure to disable the protection programs that you have on your computer (Antivirus)


Tester USB Flash Drive is a simple-to-use application that lets you test any removable media including SD, CF, USB flash drives for damaged or unstable sectors. Particularly useful for trying on sticky-sized sticks often found in low-quality USB flash drives.


MediCat DVD Multiboot Linux DVD is a Windows PE-like boot software that aims to replace the best-of-time Hiren Boot CD / DVD diagnostic software, which has been discontinued since 2012. It is the best diagnostic software. tool that can help you diagnose and troubleshoot Windows. It is available completely free of charge and includes a large number of diagnostic and auxiliary programs. Powerful and absolutely useful as it allows you to edit the Windows registry, reset Windows passwords, transfer files from a computer that can not start deleting or modifying partitions and much more.


The All in One System Rescue Toolkit Lite is designed as the first solution for repairing Windows-based computers. It automatically runs various diagnostic and repair steps and is able to fix and fix many problems in Windows. While we can not guarantee that you will fix the specific problem you are likely to encounter, this can be the first step before you need to call a technician. You do not need to be an expert to use it, because all repair work is performed automatically. All you have to do is run it and wait for the inspection and repair process to complete. The repair steps include checking basic and individual functions in Windows and are as follows: CPU / Cooling check, memory test, hard disk operation test, Windows Security Center check, virus scan, networking and system restore test, file check system, disk cleanup and Defrag


Today we will have the opportunity to add to our toolbox another remarkable program that will allow us to determine with great accuracy if there are problems with our hard drives, more specifically if the hard drive to be examined has damaged sectors, "bad sectors". "Bad sectors" are a sign that our hard drive is nearing the end of its life and that it is no longer safe to store our data, something that will sooner or later lead to significant or even complete loss of hard drive data where found problems which means we need to replace it as soon as possible. No installation required.


If you are looking for a simple and reliable tool to measure the speed of your stick and at the same time check its integrity you can trust Check Flash. This is a simple, portable application through which we will measure the write and read speed for any USB stick and at the same time we will check if there is a problem. To get started, download the program, unzip it and run the application, now select your USB stick and press Start to start the test.


RightMark Audio Analyzer is a sound measurement diagnostic program that performs various tests on the performance of sound cards, thus giving us the opportunity to measure and compare the performance of sound cards. You may need to run it with administrator privileges to install it.


DeadPix is ​​an application that can help you fix pixels that are stuck on your screen. You can download the installer or download the portable version for free! It can fix stuck pixels with a quick cycle of the color value of the stuck pixel. However, keep in mind that this tool does not provide a 100% success rate. Start by pressing the first START by selecting the colors one by one and observe where in your screen there is the problem (to exit press ESC), now in case you find a problem Pixel click on the second START and move the window with the colors blink at the point with the faulty Pixel. Let it work for a while, now if all goes well the problem will be fixed. For the application to work properly, run it with administrator privileges.


Download and run the best free portable on-the-fly software to diagnose and troubleshoot various types of Windows problems. The tools included in the program are categorized based on their function and the program will automatically download the correct version of the programs you want to run for your version of Windows. When you are done, just close the application and all the downloaded applications will be removed automatically. Programs that include various security programs as well as programs that allow you to display information about your computer such as the temperature of your processor, the amount of RAM in your system, how much memory you have left, the free space in your hard drives, and finally gives you one-click access to some useful Windows tools (chkdsk, SFC, regedit, msconfig).


This is a simple utility designed to help you find out if your hard drive has reached the end of its life and if it is possible to repair any bad sectors. However, before we continue on the program let's take a brief look back. What is a bad sector? Hard disks are known to write data to block drives (sectors), each time a hard disk updates a sector, it also updates a control sum (stored immediately after the sector data). When a sector is read from your hard drive, it is expected that the cumulative sector check will match the sector data, if this is not the case then bad sectors have probably been created. The appearance of bad sectors can come from either a power outage during recording or some other hard drive malfunction for some other reason such as a fall, mechanical failure and more. The question is: Can the bad sectors be repaired? NOT always, however, if the data stored on the domain is just invalid, but your hard drive is working properly, you can repair the bad sectors that have been created. However, before you start you should first see if your disk has bad sectors. To do this, run the HardDisk Validator application, select Read and press Start to start the diagnosis.


We live in the age of the internet and with the widely used technologies, we may encounter problems with our connection which are related to incorrect settings or problems that may come from our software. Complete Internet Repair may be the solution to any connection problems you may have. All you have to do is run the application and let it clear and reset the basic parameters required for your internet connection that for whatever reason either does not work or there are errors in their configuration.


Do you want to log in to your computer but you find that you have forgotten your Windows Login password or you can not log in to your Profile either because you forgot your password or because it is corrupted for some reason? The format solution especially in the second case seems ideal but is it? This may be a solution but you should be very desperate or unaware of the existence of this program to choose it. There are several ways for someone to bypass the password protection of our computer, but most of the time some techniques are followed that are not so simple, especially for a novice user. Lazesoft Recover My Password Home Edition is the application that makes the difference and that will give us a solution in such a simple way that you can not imagine.


This is the best Boot CD that contains a number of tools (freeware) with the help of which we can do diagnostic tests and checks that will help us restore our pc in case of failure. Hiren BootCD PE (Preinstallation Environment) is an updated version of Hiren BootCD based on Windows 10 PE x64. As there are no official updates after November 2012, the PE version is being developed by Hiren BootCD fans. It includes the best and most up-to-date free tools used in Hiren BootCD. It supports UEFI boot and requires a minimum of 2 GB of RAM. With useful tools within ISO, you can solve many problems related to your computer and includes only free, legal software. After booting, it will try to install drivers such as graphics, sound, wireless card and Ethernet card for your hardware.


PassMark SoundCheck is a Windows application that allows users to test their computer's sound card, speakers, and microphone. Make sure the sound card can record and play back at different audio sampling rates. Test your speakers' ability to play the highest and lowest frequencies (and your ability to hear those frequencies). Create fully configured test sounds and repeat them on your sound card to look for distortion using passwark audio loopback cables. SoundCheck also provides an FX audio test and a surround sound test to analyze these advanced sound card features.


Windows has a boot detection and optimization mechanism that is activated on each boot, analyzes the operating system boot performance and takes the necessary steps to make it as fast as possible, thus providing a better user experience. Optimization includes transferring bootloaded files to the fastest areas of the hard disk and optimizing services and drivers for the current hardware and many more steps. The whole idea is to give the user access to the operating system as soon as possible. 

Have you ever noticed that over time, Windows 8 / 8.1 and 10 startup times start to get worse instead of better, as in Windows 7? This is because, in later versions of the operating system, hybrid shutdown is enabled by default and the computer never shuts down completely, which means that boot detection and optimization are rarely or never performed.

The solution; You can restart your computer several times, leaving a few minutes between each reboot. This will cause the boot to be detected and optimized and after a few reboots, things should be much faster. MultipleRebootScheduler is a tool that optimizes Windows boot time by performing several reboots in succession with a few minutes between each reboot, which in turn enables the built-in system boot optimization. 

MRS will probably not be very useful if you need to enter the user login password each time the computer restarts. This is why it also allows you to set up automatic login for the current user, so the whole operation is fully automated. Therefore, select the current user to log in automatically after each reboot if you want to fully automate the multiple reboot function. If you do not enable this option, you may need to enter the user login password each time the computer is restarted. The program is completely portable and does not require installation.


CheckDrive is a state-of-the-art software that offers you an easy way to check your computer hard drives for errors. Displays information about your disks in real time and monitors the values ​​of your hard disks throughout its operation and alerts you immediately after any errors occur, so you will know immediately if something goes wrong. with your hard drive. To check if a hard disk has errors, run the application and you will see a question mark next to each disk, which means that the disk has not yet been checked. Now click on the Check button and if everything goes well you will see the indication which means that your disk has no problem. It will also work for SSDs. To use the application you must Register.


WhySoSlow is a new software that can help you analyze the operation of your computer to detect any problems and malfunctions. The operation of the program generally follows a different philosophy, instead of focusing on a limited set of possible factors that may slow down your computer, it takes a holistic approach to analyzing the response and performance of the system. It is intended as a solution to control all the factors for the health of your computer. Among other things, the software analyzes and monitors CPU temperature, speed, processes running, memory usage and other essentials that can affect the performance and response of your system. Finally after selecting it, the software will perform a thorough analysis and give you a detailed report that will include suggestions on how to improve your response systems and performance. It works as follows: Run the program and press Home to start the test, leave it on for a while and then press the button analyze, wait a while and the program will automatically generate a report on your computer's operation.


AgaueEye is an application for monitoring your hardware with in-game overlay tools for Windows. So you can monitor your hardware such as CPU / GPU / MB / HDD / RAM when playing games. In-game overlay for popular games is supported, so you can monitor the hardware status of your games. (3400 games supported so far). Then you can check the performance of your computer with the resolution report. It also supports the most popular graphics engines (DirectX 8,9,10,11,12 and OpenGL). Finally, it gives you the ability if you want to overclock and upgrade the performance of your graphics card processor (NVIDIA / AMD) very easily.


PCI - Z is an application designed to detect unknown material on your computer. It will help you to identify the vendor, the device as well as to see details about the unknown device, even if you have not installed the drivers. Uses PCI Repository ID, a public repository that contains all available identities used for PCI devices such as IDs, devices, subsystems, and device categories. It is also used as an add-on in various other programs to display a fully readable display instead of some code numbers.
There is no installation or setup. Just run the file and wait a while until you see the report. Then right-click on the hardware bar to copy all or part of your data or export the entire list. PCI-Z 2.0 is compatible with and operates on: Windows XP SP3 Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 Windows Server 2003 R2 Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 (R2) Windows PE.


Victoria HDD - SSD is a free program designed to diagnose and repair hard drives, SSDs, memory cards, and other drives in Windows. It is a remarkable, quite useful program that monitors the performance of your hard drive and gives you solutions in case of problems. You can examine your disks for various problems and if any are found then the application has the ability to repair them. It can analyze and view details about your storage media, including disk size, serial number, and more. The application can redirect, restore, ignore or delete data in the error fields, or delete the data and correct it.


With Rescatux we can change the password on a linux system or do a password reset in windows to do a Grub reset (boot loader, the first software program that runs when starting a computer that is responsible for loading and transferring control of the operating system restore the MBR of Windows, (The master boot record (MBR) is a special type of boot sector that contains information about logical partitions, which contains file systems, in addition, MBR functions act as an operating system , regardless of the boot loader in conjunction with the Boot Record of our hard disk) Grub update, to check and fix our computer's file system and generally to do repair work on our computer when it has boot problems. It can also help us check the integrity of our hard drive to create Partitions, and change passwords in windows and linux. Available in two versions in the older version and in the latest one which includes many new features.


BatteryMon is a battery monitoring application. Designed as an easy-to-use application for Windows, it allows users to monitor the performance of laptop batteries and power supplies (UPS). measure the performance of your batteries with the expected discharge values, see the critical discharge point of your batteries, record the performance of one battery for later reference, refer to the status of each individual battery when multiple batteries are used. Batteries, due to their chemical nature, are prone to wear, corrosion, leakage and complete failure due to events such as short circuiting. Given their tendency to fail and have reduced performance over time, it is important to be able to track and monitor their performance. With BatteryMon, monitoring the battery status of your laptop or UPS has never been easier. Finally, by clicking your mouse on the graph you minimize the application and it now appears on your computer desktop as a bar.


If you notice that some files on your hard drive are unreadable this is probably the first typical sign that something is wrong with your hard drive. However, with Ariolic Disk Scanner we can not only scan any hard drive but also see to some extent the level of damage. One of the important features of the application is that it not only checks your disk for read errors but also carefully identifies and lists all the affected files. At the end of the scan you will have the complete list of files located in the unreadable domains.


Usually most of the time many users who have problems starting their computer resort to the format method and of course lose all the files and existing settings on their computer. The problem becomes even more acute when the user has not foreseen to make regular backups of the files on his computer and here of course we are talking about the absolute "disaster" especially if our files include useful documents, photos, music and in general any of our other files. necessary.  The truth is that in order to be able to successfully deal with such failures in these situations one must have some relevant experience. However, there are some applications that can help us identify the problem and try to solve it and some others that undertake to solve our problem automatically. The program that we will present today belongs to the second category and it is nothing more than a live CD from which we will boot our computer and it will automatically recognize the problem and try to solve it.


Sometimes when you try to modify, rename, move or delete a file or folder you get the message πρόσβαση access is not allowed or is being used by another program΄΄? In most cases, this message means that the file or folder is locked, but other than the message you see on your screen, you do not know exactly what to do. EMCO UnLock IT is a completely free application that comes to solve this kind of problems and help you to unlock the file or folder you want. The application detects the types of locks that prevent resource management. Thus, if a file is blocked while running processes and services, the program detects files and libraries that block the resource and processes and keep it locked. The same unlock procedure is used to delete a locked file or folder. The program will try to unlock the file you have specified first and will schedule its deletion at the next boot if the resource cannot be unlocked immediately. You can unlock and delete files in two ways, either by opening the program and then adding the folder or file you want to delete, or by simply right-clicking on the file or folder you want to delete by clicking UnLock.

It is indeed a very difficult time when your important files are accidentally deleted. They could be very important files of your business, work, valuable photos and videos or even some files of your computer system, which can cause instability in your computer. IObit Undelete is one of the best file recovery tools that can help you recover your deleted or lost files such as photos, music, documents, quickly and safely with a single click. It can recover all your files, such as images, videos, music, documents, etc., even if they are not backed up or even deleted from the Recycle Bin. How to use it is very simple, run the program, select the medium from which you want to recover your data and click Scan.


One of the best free tools, with a host of programs and utilities for diagnosing and repairing problems for a computer. It allows us to check all the Hardware, view information, create Partitions, etc. After downloading the program we write it on a CD and boot from it. The collection is extensive and includes tools for CPU and RAM testing, evaluation tools, hardware identification, system information, benchmarks, BIOS tools, hard disk diagnostics, hard disk management software, deletion and cloning programs , partition as well as boot managers, network tools and various Linux and DOS boot disks. The CD also includes a program to make a copy on a USB stick, so you can use it even on computers without built-in CD players.


SystemRescueCD is a Linux system rescue disk available as a bootable CD-ROM or USB stick for managing or repairing your computer system and data after a serious problem. It aims to provide an easy way to perform administrator tasks on your computer, such as creating and editing partitions on your hard drive. Available with a large number of parted programs, partimage, fstools, and basic tools (editors, midnight commander, network tools). It can be used on both Linux and Windows computers and requires no installation, as it can boot from a CD, DVD or USB stick, but can still be installed on your hard drive if you wish.


Lazesoft Recovery Suite

Lazesoft Recovery Suite is one of the best free data recovery programs for your files, or your operating system (Windows) when your computer will not be able to start normally. You can fix most problems easily and quickly by creating a Lazesoft autoboot rescue CD or USB drive, and then restarting your computer by selecting the appropriate section. Its main function is not only the ability to delete your password in Windows but you can use it as software to save and restore windows, or clone your operating system.

GFX Memory

GFX Memmory is a free application for reporting and evaluating the capabilities of RAM in computers running windows. Displays system RAM speed at average and maximum read and write speeds. A very useful tool that will help us see the capabilities of our computer's RAM and make a benchmarking between different types of memory and the difference in speed or not in case we want to harm our computer (Overcloking). It should be noted, however, that the results should only be compared on the same computer running the same version of the GFX Memory Speed ​​Benchmark.
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