4 selected free applications, interactive 3D anatomy


It is very difficult to find such free applications available. However, as we do from time to time with the other applications, we have collected 4 of the best and we present them to you.


Anomalous Medical is an interactive 3D anatomy platform that makes learning human anatomy fun for all ages. Explore the skeletal system of the whole body and the nervous, muscular, circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, skeletal and digestive systems that make up the head and neck area. The easy-to-use interface lets you rotate, zoom in to find the perfect view. You can also choose a separate anatomical image for an even more detailed look. To work with the application you must register (free of charge).


3D4Medical's state-of-the-art technology and state-of-the-art patented tools make it possible to seamlessly cut multiple layers of the beating heart, allowing anatomy through the model while simultaneously viewing the functions of its internal structures. This is a revolutionary feature of the whole heart - something that is not currently possible using conventional teaching methods. Analyze the multiple layers of the heart that beats as it moves and understand how the cardiovascular system works. High-resolution textures and advanced lighting allow the heart to be projected in incredible detail. Real-time graphics and sound and sound combine for a truly amazing learning experience. Larger magnification and exploration of a second model. the detailed anatomy of blood vessels. See the ribs, lungs and septum under the heart. 

Complete Heart also features innovative AR technology, allowing the user to place the heart on a surface in the real world for a better sense of scale. Check out the complete video library for over 60 detailed animations in an incredible array of heart diseases and treatments. These range from abnormal rhythms and valve abnormalities to coronary artery disease and include basic procedures performed to treat them.


The most advanced anatomy learning platform in the world. With groundbreaking innovations such as patented state-of-the-art tools, 3D audio recordings and moving muscles, you can free yourself from static encyclopedias and enhance your learning in a whole new way. Medical students, medical professionals, and lifelong learners can interact with over 6.200 high-resolution anatomical structures. Perfectly combines intuitive design with anatomical precision. An exclusive selection of world-renowned anatomists have come together to form the newly formed Academic Review Board, which guarantees even higher levels of anatomical detail.

Convert traditional 2D learning materials to 3D and rejuvenate anatomy with features such as tracking nerve pathways and tools that help visualize complex functions such as providing nerve endings to muscle, layer guides to identify bones, surfaces and of muscular origin - points of introduction.

Do you still want to create your own content right away? You can draw notes or cut the layers as you like, and then save your work. The cloud sharing platform provides an easy way to share this content with other users in your own in-app private or university groups.


A truly completely free 3D application for studying - learning the anatomy of the human body with a quiz, based on an advanced interactive 3D touch interface. It is completely free and includes every bone and organ in the human body. You can rotate the models at any angle and zoom in and out, it has easy navigation and exploration of the human body that will help you see the muscle layers and reveal the anatomical structures beneath them. It also includes, 3D quizzes to test your knowledge at any time, activation - deactivation of different anatomy systems, 3D imaging of the human skeleton (with all the bones in the body), 3D respiratory system, nervous system (brain), 3D reproductive system (man and woman) and more.

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