Wednesday December 23 2020

Advanced SystemCare Free: Free maintenance and cleaning application for your computer


Perhaps one of the best programs for maintaining and cleaning your computer. Undertakes the cleaning of the computer by correcting and removing useless entries in the registry, useless temporary files, it can even find and remove spyware and adware, optimize the system, remove temporary files while browsing the internet, etc. It consists of five basic tabs through which you can have the control panel with the available cleaning functions at your disposal, and if you want to do them all together or select only the ones that interest you. You can also turn off services that are running on your computer but are not absolutely necessary for its operation, thus speeding up its operation, for example you can choose to check the physical condition of your hard drives, uninstall a program, or choose which application you want to run at startup or not, configure and secure your web browsing, and automatically update to applications that you have installed on your computer.

Advanced SystemCare Free: 14.1.0

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