Sunday May 14 2023

Bluestacks: Run your favorite Android apps on your PC


BlueStacks App Player is a simple application with which you can easily and effortlessly emulate Android on PC and install your favorite apps. After starting the program, you will be asked if you have an Android smartphone. 

If yes, then you can connect it with the program and sync all its apps and documents. Otherwise, if one does not have Android, which also does not matter, you can still download and launch applications.

To download apps all you need to do is type the name of the game or app and click the download button.

Of course, you can use your mouse instead of your finger so you can use games like Angry Birds Space or even other free games from Google Play that require touch screens. 

However if you are one of the lucky ones and you own a Windows PC with touch screen support then it is like turning your PC into a big Tablet. In the program you can set the language you want and add many more settings.

For example, you can set the arrows to be used instead of acceleration, so you can play all the games easily. The application after many stages of testing and editing has matured considerably, as new editions replace the older ones. Using the emulator is very simple, the user needs almost no settings.

It is worth noting that apart from the applications and games you will find on Google Play, you can also install Android files (apk) separately by clicking on the relevant option in the application menu. 

The performance of the application is amazing reaching almost 100% of the real capabilities of an Android mobile or tablet as long as the computer has the feature Hardware Virtualization which is now present in all modern computers. However, even if your processor does not have this feature, it will run and play almost all applications and games very well.

Otherwise its operation is very simple, you select the application or game you want, install it and run it. Now in terms of performance I would say that it pleasantly surprises us since the applications and games that I downloaded and tested in windows 11 ran satisfactorily with excellent display quality. 


  1. After running the emulator for the first time click on the gear in the application menu (bottom right).
  2. Select perfomance, as you can see, the application recognizes the number of cores of your processor and makes an automatic adjustment. However you can change it and give more processing power to the emulator by increasing the number of cores. However, you should leave at least one core to run your computer without "crawling" If you want to run your computer at the same time, give the application 1-2 cores at most. Now if you have more than 12Gb installed on your computer you can give 4Gb to the emulator and keep 8Gb for the proper operation of your computer. 
  3. In the next tab you see, you can set the resolution, select the resolution you want and the corresponding DPI. You should know that higher resolution means higher image quality, provided your processor and graphics card have some relative power, otherwise you will experience lags.

  4. Finally, on the third card choose between compatibility or performance and test its performance, between OpenGL and DirectX.

  5. From there it is worth noting that the application automatically recognizes the GamePad that we may add to play games, it can also run and install APK files from your computer directly to the emulator.

We should note that the application will run on any windows computer, however it is important to know that in order to enjoy it as if you were running Android in its native environment, your computer should have Hardware virtualization and at least 8 GB of memory. One major change is that in its new version 5 it uses 40% less RAM than other platforms for a faster and smoother gaming experience and consumes significantly less CPU while maintaining stable FPS during long gaming sessions.

the Bluestacks application
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