Thursday 22 August 2019

Run Bootable CD DVD or USB from your desktop


To test or run a Bootable CD or DVD we must first write it to the respective optical media and then restart our computer after we have defined this media as the first Boot device through the Bios. However, we can test if it also works with some platform virtualization software. This allows us to boot different operating systems on our PC. Of course do not expect applications to run as in their natural environment, but success in this depends on the type of operating system you will try to run and to some extent on how fast the processor is and the available memory on your computer.

 For this purpose we found, tested and present two completely free applications. 

 1. It Simple Boot Qemu is a portable virtualization tool that will free us from this process as it allows us to boot an ISO image in a window on our desktop, without having to first burn it to a CD or DVD. The program is really very simple, select your ISO image, select the amount of RAM you would like to have and iso from the boot options and press start Qemu Test to start the application.

2.  Our second choice is MobaLiveCD is a free program to run your favorite Linux LiveCD and USB and all versions of windows, thanks to the great emulator called "qemu". The operation of the program is very simple:

α) For those who run Windows 10, after downloading the application, right-click on it and select compatibility with Windows 7 and run with administrator privileges.

β) Click the Run the livecd button and select the path for your iso file.

γ) When asked by the program to create a hard disk image whether you click yes or no I think it does not matter, at least I did not see so choose what you want.

δ) After a quick start you will see it load.

ε) Finally, in addition to running removable ISO files, you can also run removable USB sticks in the same way. This time, however, you will click the button start directly from a bootable USB drive. 
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