Sunday April 30 2023

Chasys Draw IE: Professional specifications, graphics editing and creation


Free graphics editor, including editing, converting, and viewing images.

The program is designed to provide the best possible performance especially for multi-core processors but also cooperation with touch screens, it is available for free with full image editing capabilities, as well as many other features that really set it apart not only from free but from many professional programs of the kind, since you have the ability to associate it with various types of files.

Chasys Draw accepts plug-ins, and what we like and make it stand out is its customizable Windows Aero look, the variety of tools it has, and the tooltips it has for each action that guide us every step of the way. 

What we can do now with Chasys Draw. For example, we can make the covers of our CDs and DVDs, scan and edit our photos, make animations, make static images or cursors, make animated cursors, animated brushes, create icons in many dimensions from images , convert our photos and more.

This is perhaps the best free graphics editor that rivals, if not surpasses, many professional programs of its kind in usability. It supports English menu
the Chasys Draw IE application
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TAGS: Graphics , Editing

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