Sunday October 9 2022

ChrisPC DNS Switch: Secure your web browsing


This time instead of some guide and procedures with which we will have to intervene manually to change the DNS settings on our network card we preferred a very simple and easy solution since we assumed that many of our readers probably do not have the necessary experience. 

The solution we chose is called ChrisPC DNS Switch and it does nothing more than what its name suggests, with one difference, we don't need to intervene anywhere and everything is done automatically with a few clicks. The application provides a simple, comprehensive and completely understandable menu, with the help of which you can choose the network card on which you wish to change the default DNS of your connection.

This way depending on what you choose you can protect your anonymity and privacy and in this case choose a server from a list of groups with a default Anonymous DNS or you can choose to use Secure DNS servers that filter websites which are potential threats to your computer (avoiding viruses, malware, trojans and malware). 

You can also increase the security of your connection especially when it is used by children by preventing them from linking to websites that may encourage violence, drugs and of course websites that have been labeled as pornographic. Finally you could simply select a faster DNS using any of the predefined DNS groups selected based on the above attributes.

I would recommend, if you are interested in speed, not to prefer this function since as we have already analyzed in our previous article the speed of a DNS Server is affected by many factors and while objectively a DNS Server can be very fast but it does not mean that applies to the whole world. So if you are only interested in this I would recommend you to read our previous article.

The free version of the program has the following options: 

1. Quick DNS change. 

2. Change the DNS of your computer with just one click.

3. DNS database with 30+ DNS servers.

4. Protect your browsing with secure DNS servers that filter out sites that pose a potential threat to your computer (avoid viruses, malware, trojans) and block sites for minors.

5. Use Family Safe DNS to block isotopes or those that encourage violence, drugs, and misconduct.

6. Use anonymous DNS while surfing the Internet to protect your privacy.

7. Change and reset DNS settings.

8. Add new custom DNS servers to the database 15.

The professional version of the product includes more options, and the differences between professional and free version that you can see here

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