Wednesday 17 March 2021

Folding @ Home: Help with your computer to solve serious and incurable diseases


Folding @ Home is a program developed by his university Stanford and uses a cumulative portion of the computing power of many computers together to simulate the process of protein "folding" in the human body. This information is used to better understand how the body folds proteins and how improper protein folding causes serious diseases in the body, including cancer and other serious diseases.

Folding @ home is one of the fastest computer systems in the world, with a speed of approximately 135 petaFLOPS as of January 2018. This performance from the large-scale computer network has allowed researchers to run cost-effective computer simulations of atomic fold folds. previous. You too can help with this program by offering a very small portion of your processor computing power. The way is simple, download and run the appropriate Folding @ Home software for your computer (supports Windows, Mac Os, Linux). As you will see during your login you can contribute either anonymously or by creating an account. In fact, you can either participate in the program in general or choose to help for a specific disease.

Once this process is completed you can close the window. Data is sent to your computer via FAHClient even when Web Control is closed. Of course you can stop it and close it whenever you want. Finally you can contribute more computing power depending on the capabilities of your computer.

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