Jamendo: Music website with more than 500.000 music tracks


Jamendo is a music website, an open community of independent music artists. The goal is to give music lovers the best possible experience with free music. The site has a list of more than 500.000 pieces of music by over 30.000 independent artists, which can be viewed, downloaded and shared freely and legally. Jamendo's goal is to connect musicians and music lovers from around the world to create a global community of independent music. If you are a professional you can search and find the right piece of music that will play as a background music in your video or in any of your productions. In this case if you want to use it in public reproduction you have to buy it for a very small amount around $ 10. Finally, if you are a musician it is a great way to become famous, so you can upload and make available your own music creation to the public.

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