JPEG Compressor: Top software for editing and compressing your images


JPEG Compressor is one of the best free programs that we can use on Windows to define and edit digital images in JPEG (JPG) format worldwide. JPEG Compressor performs all the image processing tasks you need to make your photos ready to share, save and print.

You can resize the photos to any specified dimension (in pixels, inches or cm) or file size (in kBytes) you need and use them on a website, social networks, advertisements, web graphics, for sending images via email or other tasks.

The built-in image editor allows you to crop, remove red-eye, add watermarks, change layers and use more options in editing your photo. contains the very powerful JPEG compression engine and technology specially designed for this purpose.

It is designed to carefully process your digital photos to preserve the original image quality. It allows you to use "profiles" and the bulk editing feature. 

These features make the software very simple and efficient especially for processing multiple images. It can work as a powerful JPEG image converter and convert GIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP images to JPG format. 

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