Saturday 20 February 2021

Kaspersky Windows Unlocker: How to remove malware that you can not remove through windows


Recently it has been found that a very large number of users have fallen victim to cyber threats. This is largely due to lack of information, ignorance, but also inadequate preparation and knowledge. Of course, not everyone has to do a dissertation on the dangers of the internet so that they can do a simple surf, but they should know at least some basic things and not ignore the possible dangers.

However today we will see what we can do in practice if our computer practically if our computer is infected with Ransom Malware viruses. The category of these viruses (sometimes referred to as cryptoviruses, cryptotrojans, cryptoworms or scareware) includes a category of malware that restricts access to the infected computer system, and requires a ransom to be paid to its creator. malware in order to remove it. 

Of course this is blackmail with the sole purpose of emptying your wallet. In its most common version it displays a message from a supposedly trusted service or even a government agency (Police, etc.) that says you have to pay to get into your computer account. First of all, do not panic, there are solutions for everything. One of them is called WindowsUnlocker Kaspersky and is probably one of the most reliable for this purpose that undertakes to clean your computer from these threats.

Kaspersky Windows Unlocker is designed to disinfect the registry of all operating systems installed on a single computer (including operating systems installed on different partitions or on different folders in a single partition). 

It can start without having to load Windows to neutralize the virus without touching the files on your computer. It comes in an ISO image file that should be burned to a CD / DVD or USB flash drive on an uninfected computer with an Internet connection, and which can then be used to boot and neutralize the infected computer. After downloading the file, burn it to a CD and save it somewhere in case of need, or use it on the computer that has the problem by following the instructions below.


1. After downloading the ISO of the application you will need another program to be able to write the ISO to a USB and start from it. We will need a USB with a capacity of around 2GB and Rufus (you can download it from here ). From there, select the ISO file we downloaded and then specify the appropriate sharing scheme, depending on whether our computer starts via BIOS or UEFI (Select MBR for BIOS or GPT for UEFI) and press start to start recording to USB us.

2. We restart with the USB connected to the USB port of our computer and when booting we select a language.

3. In the next tab we select Graphic Mode.

4. We accept the terms of use.

5. Wait a while until the application downloads the latest antivirus updates.

6. Finally we are ready to start scanning our computer and in case of threats, following the instructions of the application.

7. If, nevertheless, the problem persists, we resort to the last solution by clicking on the option  Windows unlocker and follow the steps of the application.

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