Tuesday 25 April 2023

Nimbus Clipper: Save text, images, articles or snippets from web pages


With Nimbus Clipper, you can grab any content from the Internet, such as text, images, links, capture entire pages and articles on the Internet, or create Nimbus Notes. 

You can save snippets of web pages, turn web pages into reader-friendly articles or select text or images only. Also, if you need some images from a website Nimbus Clipper will find all the images so you can choose which ones you want to save. The application is available for android devices but it can also work comfortably as an add-on to your browser while browsing the internet. 

More specifically, it supports: Chrome, microsoft edge and Opera. To work with Nimbus Clipper after installing it in your Browser you must first create a Nimbus account. From there, go to the application menu and select the action you want to do each time.
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TAGS: Add-ons , Browsers

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