Monday June 5 2023

PictureFrame Wizard : Put more pictures into digital frames


PictureFrame Wizard is an application for windows that converts and makes your pictures smaller so that they fit as many pictures as possible. This optimizes your frame's memory usage and can increase the number of images by a factor of 10 to 50. 

Frames usually have limited memory and usually the RAM fills up easily and you have to buy new memory. But not when you use PictureFrame. The program will resize each image to fit the frame exactly and optionally adds text to each image, as well as a date and location.

Most frames have bitmap sizes of 800 x 600 pixels, which is roughly a jpg image. 100-120 kb. Digital cameras easily create 4-6MB jpg images. About 30-60 times the size you need for your frame. So instead of 250 photos, you should fit more than 7.500-15.000 photos on a 1Gb memory card. 

With PictureFrame you will fully increase the number of images on the memory card fully automatically and with the same visual quality, adding if you want, the date of shooting and text to each image.

The application automatically extracts the date taken from each photo. All you have to do is indicate how you want your font, style, position and optional extra text to be printed on the image.

Finally, you can create many effects. The program has 35 effect filters, 20 color filters and a multitude of creative effects. 

This way you can put over 15.000 photos in your photo frame. The application is fully functional and available absolutely free.

But let's see below how we can edit our images.


To edit your images after running the app, selectfile -> ad folderto add the folder with the photos you want to modify. ClickExploreand then click on the optionView ---> Images.

Now to edit the image you want, right click on it and choose what exactly you want to do. 

The first three options have to do with the dimensions of your photo, some other options are rotating the image to specific positions, adding a date, and removing information from the image.

Now suppose we want to add some frame to our image, we choose one of the first three options depending on the dimensions we want for our photo.

By choosing Load In Fun Frame we are transferred to another menu and from the available options we add the effect we want by dragging it inside the photo (drag and drop) and finally we press save by selecting the location we want to save our photo.

The differences between Load In Fun FrameLoad In Fun Frame with Minimum Size in the upcoming years, while Load Full Size In Fun Frame it is in the final dimensions of the image where in the first case the photo is saved in dimensions 800X600, in the second 402X369 and in the third in the actual dimensions the photo has.

It is worth noting that in the Fx option you will find many extra available effects that you can add to the photos during the editing process. 
Download the PictureFrame Wizard application
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