TightVNC: Remote control and communication between computers

The applications from the use of such a program are many and start from the remote control of your computer to its conversion into a powerful Remote Media Server. In this article we will look at one of these programs, TightVNC (in the latest version that is even available for free.But things have changed dramatically for the better with the advent of various programs that simplify the whole process. So let's see how we can achieve such communication by following a few simple steps.


After downloading the program we run it, during the installation it will ask us exactly which part of the program we want to install we choose depending on what we want to do. That is, if we want to control a second computer located at a different point from one point, we must install TightVNCviewer on the computer we want to have the central control and TightVNCserver on the computer we want to control. 

However, it does not prevent us from switching both the TightVNCserver and the TightVNC viewver on both computers if we want to control when from one to the other. During the installation you will be asked if you want to enter a password to protect TightVNC from unauthorized use, which of course is appropriate if your computer is shared.


Once we install the program we only have to configure it, the configuration is very simple, we run the TightVNC service configuration and apply the following settings. In this tab we put the codes of our liking, of course taking care to write them down somewhere so as not to forget them.


In the second tab of the TightVNC service configuration we select the ip range we want to use or we want to reject the corresponding option.


In the third and last tab we put the code for the central control function.

5. After we install TightVNCviewer on the computer we want to control, we run the program, it means that we know the ip of the computer we want to control, we enter the code we have set and by clicking ok we now have control of the second computer. In addition to the most basic settings that are necessary for pairing between two computers there are several others that you can explore while browsing the program or reading the manual.

TightVNC: 2.8.63

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