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File and folder synchronization is used when we want to transfer folders or other files from one location on our computer to another and vice versa. Its utilities and applications are many, one of which is for example the storage and preservation of documents, photos or other important files. Today, it is widely used by many applications such as OneDrive, Google Drive and many other similar services.



We often need to update a folder by getting files from many different folders. Horodruin does just that. It is a file synchronizer with unique features such as handling more than 2 folders. It is very simple to use and can manage multiple folders (2 or more) where the folder resolution can be modified according to your needs, it also includes the ability to save in a separate folder and an optimal multi-file copier.



GoodSync automatically syncs and supports all photos, music, email, and other important files between all desktops, laptops, servers, and external drives. This program lets you automatically sync files between PCs, laptops and outdoor units. It also lets you back up files to and from FTP, WebDAV, Windows Mobile phones and PDAs. It can be used for synchronization and backup, making it a versatile tool. Files can be synchronized with or backed up to other folders, separate drives, removable media, networked computers, or online servers.



Also known as "Crococrypt" is an encryption tool that reflects entire folders (with their contents) with encrypted folders. The encryption algorithms used are AES and Twofish (256 bits). The key file is secured with a password. In addition, ZIP compression is used to optimize storage space.

For performance reasons, the source and destination folder are synchronized in the background. A backup keyfiles must be kept in a safe place. Without the keyfile the containers cannot be decrypted.

In the portable version of Crococrypt keyfile and settings are saved along with the application folder. Therefore, the full application can be transferred to an external storage device. Network modules can be used as sources as well as destination folders.



MetroBackUp is a very simple and useful application for synchronizing directories between different locations. Thus, several directory pairs, which will be synchronized, can be grouped into jobs and updated together.



Folder comparison and synchronization software that backs up and manages all your important files. Instead of copying each file at a time, FreeFileSync determines the differences between a source and a destination folder and transfers only the minimum amount of data needed. FreeFileSync is open source software available for Windows, macOS and Linux



Free program that synchronizes two or more directories on a local network. The application is also available with a Greek menu. In this case you need to download the DSynchronize Greek Pack to unzip it and move the DSynchronize.lng file to the main program folder.



File and folder backup tool, which can transfer any changes from different sources to the destination source of your choice. When it runs, it will copy all the files that have changed since the last run, updating the destination source efficiently, copying only the required files. 

It can read from a list of directories so that not only can it keep the Documents backup folder, but also any other data stored on your drive in other locations. During the first run, all the files will be copied and then, the next times only the modified files will be transferred. Finally, it should be noted that the application does not perform two-way synchronization.



Syncthing is a continuous file synchronization program. Synchronizes files between two or more computers in real time, securely protected from prying eyes. There is no central server and all communication is secure using the TLS security protocol. 

The encryption used prevents your data from being accessed by any kind of eavesdropping. Each node is identified by a strong cryptographic certificate. Only nodes that you have explicitly allowed can be connected. 

Sync as many folders as you need with different people or just between your own devices. Works on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris and OpenBSD. Sync does not require IP addresses or advanced configuration, it only works over LAN and Internet.

@MAX SyncUp


Want to protect important files from accidental deletion or system crash? With @Max SyncUp protecting critical documents and projects is a breeze.

You can save backups to a local folder, USB drive, networked PC, NAS or put them on an FTP, SFTP or WebDAV server, Google Drive, OneDrive or save to Dropbox. When you discover that your local files have been corrupted due to a system failure or virus attack, you can restore what was lost with a few clicks of the mouse.

It allows you to back up or synchronize your files to a local folder, removable USB drive, networked PC or NAS server, (S)FTP or WebDAV server, Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox cloud storage - all completely automatically.

In addition, @MAX SyncUp can synchronize two computers directly over the Internet using the RSync-like algorithm that detects and transfers only the changed parts of files. 

It's probably the easiest way to back up and restore important files, or keep your documents up-to-date on your desktop and laptop computers.

  • Back up or sync your files to a local folder, removable USB drive, networked PC or NAS server, FTP, SFTP or WebDAV, Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox cloud storage - all completely automatically.
  • Synchronize two computers directly over the Internet or on a local network using the efficient RSync-like algorithm that detects and transfers only the changed parts of files.
  • Perform two-way synchronization with proper processing of any changes and delete obsolete files.
  • Create Apple Time Machine-style hard link-based backups that combine full backup capabilities with the efficiency of incremental backups.
  • Preview files to be processed and change automatically defined actions.
  • Easily browse file contents, search and select files, and restore them to their original location or another location.
  • Run as a Windows service even when the user is not logged on.

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