Easy Dark Mode: Enable Light and Dark in Windows with just one click


Easy Dark Mode is a useful software that makes it easy to adjust the bright and dark screen functions available in Windows 10 and allows you to quickly switch between them. In Windows 10, the required settings are accessible by several steps by default, which are usually inaccessible and slow down your work. With Easy Dark, you can change the Light and Dark modes with a single click. After you open it, the application places an icon on the system tray. If you click on the icon, the Light / Dark function changes. You can also access the application settings via the icon. An optional desktop icon may also appear. In this case, you can change the functions and change the settings there as well.

However, it is important to clarify a few things:


For the application to work you need to run it with administrator privileges.
and then choose your theme.

For some versions of Windows, if you choose to change the theme to its previous state, it may not change immediately. In this case, after selecting your theme, click Autostart and then restart your computer. When you enter windows now click OK in the application window that will ask your permission to start the application, and now the theme you selected before is working properly.

Advantages of Easy Dark Mode : 
  1. Enables fast switching between light and dark screen modes in Windows 10. 
  2. Ability to select a layout via keyboard. 
  3. Fully supports Google Chrome Dark (version 74). 
  4. Fully supports Dark Firefox (version 63).
  5. Does not require installation. 
  6. Autostart function can be configured (it can start with the operating system).
  7. Free to use. 
  8. Supports windows 10 from version 1803 onwards

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