Tuesday 12 October 2021

How to install the Microsot Store from scratch in case it does not work


Microsoft in the new version of Windows 10, although it has optimized the Microsoft Store, there are no shortage of problems. Many users experience various problems, such as errors, refusal to start the Microsoft store, and other issues such as error messages, etc. Although some of them can be solved with a simple restart of our computer in case they persist indicate a problem. However, Microsoft has planned and developed a way to restore the Microsoft Store. So those of you who have problems like this that persist, you can in a very simple way Reset the Microsoft Store so that it works properly. But let's look at the steps we need to follow.



From the Taskbar field, select all settings, and on the next tab select applications.


Type in the Microsoft Store search box, and then click Advanced. 


Finally, in next tab, find the reset option and press the reset button. 

If you still have a problem, then the issue may be more serious and you should consider other ways of recovery such as the one we describe in our previous article
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