Friday June 24 2022

Ninite: Bulk install your favorite apps


Once we have installed windows on our computer, but it is empty of programs and applications, it is a common secret that our adventure is just beginning, since we will have to install our favorite applications one by one from the beginning, something that will take us a long time. . But is there finally another way we can avoid all this hassle? Fortunately for us there is a way, it listens to the name Ninite and will allow us to make an installer with our favorite applications so that running it on our computer to install them all together. Ninite is a very smart silent installation application with the best and most popular programs that you will find available on the internet and that will help you to automatically install many applications and updates for your computer.

Go to the ninite website, select the applications you want to install, download the installer and run it on your computer, the application will download one by one your favorite programs in the order you have specified and will install them automatically. This way you will get rid of the hassle of searching and installing programs one by one, saving time. 

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