Thursday 9 September 2021

PDF Replacer: Change the text in PDF files to the one you want.


Documents in PDF format are not easy to modify and change. This can sometimes be a problem because you may need to modify a few words or replace text in a PDF file, especially if you need to replace some duplicate text or words in multiple PDFs and do not know how to do so. PDF Replacer is a PDF text replacement software tool. With this program you can easily replace a specific word, phrase or sentence in many PDF files with the text you want and even set or change the text font replacement, such as bold, italics, underline and deletion. If you need to replace the text in a few pages instead of the entire PDF file, it has a page width function, which can easily replace the words you only want on individual pages. In addition to these features, PDF Replacer also lets you insert multiple replacement words at the same time and will replace the text you have specified in each PDF file. Finally it supports PDF in more than 50 languages, almost all countries. 

PDF Replacer: 1.8.7

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