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Rainmeter is an amazing free application that allows you to preview and create customizable skins on your desktop with only the limits of your imagination and creativity. 

It is open source software distributed freely under the terms of the GNU GPL v2 license. The program comes with some simple skins ready to use, but there is still a very large online community that supports and creates ready-made skins for the application. It will work very well on any PC running Microsoft Windows 7 and above.

Rainmeter is ultimately not just an app, but a powerful set of monitoring tools that can combine functionality with looks. In very simple words, this is an application with really great potential.

However, its downside is that since all of these are not gathered somewhere, one would have to search quite a bit to find them ready. 

So that you do not, however, search here and there, HERE you can find ready-made skins and install them on your computer. Finally, it is worth noting that the menu and settings include Greek.

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