Wednesday 11 January 2023

RetroShare: Communication and file sharing application with encryption


RetroShare is a very powerful application that allows you to chat, and share files with a group of trusted friends. It is no different in terms of features with other similar programs, however, it has something very important that sets it apart and that is nothing other than the absolute security it provides you

RetroShare connections are encrypted with GPG (GNU Privacy Guard) so you can be sure that no one else can interfere with each other to monitor what you say or steal your files. 

It is not difficult to use, but because it contains many features, you may need some time to master it. Its toolbar is simple and includes all the basic features of RetroShare, giving you the ability to group chat rooms, for example, by sharing files, forums, channels and more. 

The left part of the panel includes links to common functions such as instant messenger. To get started with the app choose a name and enter a strong password. from there follow the instructions of the application and in a few steps you will have completed the settings required. 

The application is also available as a portable which means that it does not require installation. Retroshare creates encrypted connections to your friends and no one can spy on you.

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