SharedScreen: Minimalist screen sharing tool


SharedScreen is a minimalist screen sharing tool that makes it easier than ever to share your screen with one or even more people at the same time. You can run the app and start sharing with one click. All shared sessions are private and can not be tracked by anyone.

With optional password protection, you can also block third parties after sharing your URL. Depending on your internet connection you can share your screen with high quality while maintaining a decent frame rate.

Choose whether you prefer to share a full screen or a single application. The access key is your temporary unique ID. If you share the passkey, other people may be able to share your screen. If you click on the key icon, the passkey will be copied to your clipboard.

SharedScreen only downloads the selected screen and those with the access URL can see your screen but can not change anything. All screens displayed are automatically refreshed with a preview screenshot. This helps identify your choice. Additionally, you can select a specific window for sharing so that other parts of your screen will not be visible.

If you want extra security, you can password protect it with a password. The password and quality setting are updated as soon as you upload a new box. This means that if you stopped sharing the screen, the enabled settings will not be active until you continue the session. 

If you change your password during active sessions, users with the old password will no longer be able to view your content. In principle, SharedScreen uses only the information required to host screen sharing sessions, and all data transmissions use modern encryption. 

Your screenshot will be deleted after ten minutes or when you exit SharedScreen. The server only stores the most recent screenshot and the old ones will be safely overwritten and then deleted. 

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