Monday 27 March 2023

SSuite NoteBook Editor : A text editor with many features


This word processor has all the features to get you started writing any text or article. It also includes all the necessary short editing keys and supports fully compatible document formats, such as the RTF (Rich Text Document Format) and the Excel spreadsheet. 

The RTF document format is compatible with any operating system (Apple Mac, Linux and Windows). The RTF document format was originally designed as an alternative document format. If you open it in a simple word processor, you will see that it looks like html. This document format is the most supported and compatible format you use, regardless of the word processor and even the operating system you use. 

It includes all the important functions and text formatting required. Some available functions give you very fine control over the formatting of text, pages, parts of documents and even entire documents.

You can also save your documents in various standard formats like pdf, rtf, doc, txt and insert special characters, icons and images. It is small in size and can run from any USB device and even run from your mobile phone when connected to a Windows PC, tablet or Windows laptop.

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