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Windows Movie Maker was probably the best video editor from Microsoft and was part of Windows Essentials, a suite of video creation and editing software. As with Windows 7 and Windows 8, Windows Movie Maker was not included as part of Windows 10 and was not officially supported by Microsoft for use in Windows 10, although for some time Windows Movie Maker could be downloaded from the Microsoft site.

However, for some time now Microsoft has removed the link that led to its download and has been replaced by the Metro ΄΄photo΄΄ application. Although it lags a bit compared to the older Windows Movie Maker, it is a pretty worthwhile application that can help you edit your videos and photos to make great presentations with background music, storytelling, and effects.


But let's see now how easily we can make our own presentation. Click on the ωτογραφphoto΄΄ tile and then click on the select button, select ΄΄New Video΄΄ and on the next tab type the name of our video and start by selecting as video or image source.

2. The next step is to create a presentation tab for our video that we will view before it starts. Of course, if we want we can add many such tabs along the video we will create. So after selecting the relevant tab, select its background and add our text,
also at this point you can choose how long you want it to appear.

3. By selecting the text indication you can enter the text you want to be displayed, select a text style and also specify the time period that will be displayed.

4. Now, you can afollow the same steps for your video.

5. From there on, padd the effect you like and specify how long it will appear.

6. Now select the motion (effect) when the image or video is displayed.

7. Finally, once you have completed your video you may want to enrich it with audio. In this case, select a background music and add one of the ready-made music tracks that the application has.
8. If you are not satisfied with the pieces in the collection now and you want to add your own sound, or music, just click on the custom sound option,

and finally click Finish Video and save it.

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