Thursday 20 August 2020

Add color to your black and white photos


Colourise.sg is an online application from the technology organization in Singapore that has created this project that can help you add color to your black and white photos. This is a truly amazing application that can add color to your black and white photos in a matter of seconds. can bring us much closer to that particular time. 

However here we should note the following, the application can create a color image that it assumes, therefore, in no way guarantees that the color image it will produce is an accurate representation of the actual snapshot. The model performs well in high resolution images where people occupy a large part of the image but also in natural landscapes.

As you can see, the following color image looks amazingly plausible because it contains objects that are present in sufficient samples of the application data set and thus is able to identify the correct objects in the image and render their color correctly. 

The original photo

The photo after processing

However, I do not know if it works properly for all shots in a black and white photo. In any case, it is worth trying. Finally, it should be noted that for security reasons and to maintain the privacy of the user, according to its creators, the application does not store any photos of its servers.

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