Tuesday 28 February 2023

Burnstudios Audiotool: Compose your own music


Burnstudios Audiotool is a virtual Online electronic music creation studio that will help you compose your own music tracks. The application allows you to create your own musical tracks by connecting virtual devices such as drums, mixers, effects pedals, with unlimited combinations. 

Audiotool includes templates, audio in a sample library, and video tutorials. When you're done composing your piece of music you can share it with the community, or simply download it to your computer. Enjoy the app's ever-growing, cloud-based music library with over 250.000 samples and 50000 presets accessible and stored on Audiotool's servers. 

This means you can access your work from any browser in the world without the further installation of any additional software.

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TAGS: Internet , Sound

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