Thursday 19 January 2023

Check Flash: Free tool for checking flash-drive speed and integrity


If you're looking for a simple, free, reliable tool to measure the speed of your flash drive while also checking its integrity, you can trust Check Flash. 

This is a simple, portable application, through which we can measure the write and read speed for any USB stick and at the same time we will check if there is a problem. To get started, download the program, unzip it and run the application, select your stick and press Start to begin testing. 

The user can select one of the three types of access available. Each type of access allows you to perform specific tests and provides useful data. After the test you will see the average write and read speed for your stick and information about any errors found on your disc.

ATTENTION : The app allows you to run all the tests mentioned above as well as the full wipe test. Make sure to backup your data because the device needs to be formatted after the testing process.

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TAGS: PC tools , USB

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