Thursday 9 January 2020

DiskFresh: Refresh your hard disk data


Storing data on your computer hard drive is not guaranteed forever. Without proper care you can lose valuable data on your hard drive over time which can be prevented to some extent with DiskFresh. It is a simple but powerful tool that can refresh the data enabling the hard disk controller to rewrite the analog signal that stores the data, thus making your disk more reliable for storage.

Hard disks are known to use a magnetic signal to store data, which over time can be weakened for a number of reasons such as overheating if the hard drive is close to magnetic fields, and of course if the hard drive you are quite old now. A decrease in signal strength is initially presented as an increase in error rates and can lead to the total loss of your data.

Allows you to refresh individual partitions or the entire physical disk. You can also refresh a specific selected area of ​​the disc. It can also work in read mode so that it only informs about damaged sectors and that's it. To work the program follow these steps:

Select any unit you want to upgrade. If you want to refresh the entire disk, regardless of the partitions, choose a physical one. Select a read-only mode if you do not want any burning to your disc and just want DiskFresh to notify you of the problem areas. Now click the refresh button where you will see two options, Just Refrech where the program will refresh all domains from 0 to the end or Refrech Range with which you can specify a range of domains to refresh.

Although one would expect some kind of charge for such a program while using its functionality, nevertheless the performance of the computer was excellent without any errors or interruptions of its operation. The best part is that unlike other tools it does all this when Windows is running and has nothing to do with the speed of your work or if you are running some programs at the same time.

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