Sunday 26 February 2023

EMCO Ping Monitor: Monitor the connection states of one or more servers


EMCO Ping Monitor can operate in 24/7 mode and monitor the connection states of one or several hosts. The application analyzes ping responses to detect connection interruptions and report connection statistics. It can automatically detect connection outages, play sounds and send email alerts.

It can also generate reports and send them via e-mail or save as PDF or HTML files.EMCO Ping Monitor is available in three versions: The free version allows ping monitoring of up to 5 hosts. It does not allow host specific settings. It runs as a Windows program, so tracking stops if you close the user interface or log out of Windows.

The professional version allows monitoring of up to 250 servers simultaneously. Each server can have a custom configuration, such as notifying email recipients or custom actions to be performed in connection loss and recovery events. It works as a Windows service, so monitoring continues even if you close the user interface or log out of Windows.

The Enterprise Edition has no restrictions on the number of monitors hosted. On a modern computer, it is possible to monitor 2500+ servers depending on the hardware configuration. This version includes all available features and works as a Client-server.

The server acts as a Windows service to ensure ping monitoring 24/7. Client is a Windows program that can connect to a server running on a local computer or remote server over a LAN or Internet.

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