Saturday 26 March 2022

File & Image Uploader: Upload your files to multiple files and image servers simultaneously


This is an excellent program for those who upload and especially for those who upload to many files and image servers but not only, since you do not need to login from the website of each fileserver. With a very simple menu but with many features in this version, it comes to fill a gap that existed in this area, at least in terms of free programs of this kind. No installation required. The most comprehensive and best program of its kind. Supports over 700 different servers (file, image and video hosters, and cloud storage services). Supports upload to Google Drive, YouTube, Dropbox and more. However, it's important to set the appropriate buffer size to make the program work properly (too big a buffer can cause the program not to upload, too small a buffer can cause a slow upload speed), you need to set it according to your connection . For us the only negative point is that it does not include a Greek menu and therefore this may be difficult for some users.

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