Free Clone Stamp Tool: Remove unnecessary items from your photos


The Free Clone Stamp Tool is probably the best and in fact absolutely free tool with the help of which we will be able to remove from a photo various objects or persons that we do not want to appear. How to use it is extremely simple. After running the application, upload the photo you want to correct. Press CTRL and left-click on the area of ​​the photo you want to move to hide the object you want. Its operating philosophy is as follows: For example, in the photos you see below, the first is the original and the second has been edited. To remove the tree, we first chose to click on the clouds and then by clicking on the tree we partially moved the clouds to the point. However, because part of the tree is below the horizon, we clicked on the forest (CTRL and left mouse click) and then clicked on it. One point to watch out for is the diameter of the patch, so adjust it accordingly according to the item you need to remove (select Clone Tool- Size).

The result is what you see:

The original photo

The photo after processing

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