Sunday May 28 2023

Mara: Online suite with many tools for editing and creating graphics


Mara is a completely free image editing and painting software suite. It includes a huge set of tools, including traditional graphics editing tools, as well as some unique ones that you won't find anywhere else. 

Also, in addition to the software, on Mara's website there is an archive of thousands of free photos that can be used by anyone, even for commercial purposes.

The data processed by Mara is not transferred outside your computer and is NOT stored on the application servers. Mara is a Client application. This means that once the application page loads, you can use it even if your Internet connection is down.

However, only some effects and masks are required to receive additional data, and some other functions may require you to load the relevant data when selecting them. 

Because as we mentioned above the Mara application is a Client application (operates from the user's side), its performance depends to some extent on the environment in which it runs (browser, operating system, hardware, etc.).

Therefore, the behavior of the program on different operating systems may be slightly different, such as, for example, the performance or the availability of certain features.  

It works best with Google Chrome and among others, it uses the source code from many open source software as well as other elements (images, fonts) available for use with free licenses. 

In conclusion, this is a suite of web-based software for fast image processing and painting. It includes a huge set of tools, including the classic-traditional graphic editing tools, as well as other unique ones that you will not find anywhere else. 

Among others, some features of Mara included in its basic tools Of course, basic tools such as resize, crop, rotate, auto-correct, dozens of filters and real-time effects, image enhancement tools, multiple types of image transformation, painting tools, create and edit animations in GIF, PNG and AWebP formats, mobile friendly, hundreds of selected fonts, frames, stickers and overlays, supports almost any image format, including RAW, convert between image formats: JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, SVG , TARGA, TIFF, JPEG 2000, PDF, ICO, WebP, resize, crop, rotate, auto-repair etc. and many more.
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