Sunday January 2 2022

MediaPortal: Amazing MediaCenter for your PC


Welcome to the best media experience called MediaPortal, and turn your PC into a state-of-the-art free MediaCenter that lets you listen to your favorite music, radio, and watch videos and DVDs so you can watch your favorite movies but also to watch and write TV shows on your computer, view your photos and create or create a slideshow, use the remote control to control your couch, view the weather, news, update via RSS feeds , and much more and all this while enjoying the comfort of your living room, on your big screen or TV.

Although the program includes many settings, it is not so difficult to understand its operation by working at least in the beginning with the basics. MediaPortal also supports most analog TV reception modes, DVB-C, DVB-T, DVB-S and ATSC, even if you have multiple cards on the same computer. The radio supports FM, DVB or internet stations and at the same time there is an application for the weather that displays the weather conditions prevailing in your area and the current temperature.

Finally, after making the settings we want, we now run the program from the MediaPortal icon. Do not panic with so many settings, in most cases if you are a simple user you will not be bothered by some of the additional facilities of the program, so arranging folders with your music videos and photos as well as possibly adding some TV or radio card is something you can do very easily without having to have special knowledge.

Of course if you want you can run the program on your computer without having to connect your computer to a large screen or TV if you now like it is good to install it on a small PC that will connect it to a large screen or TV so you can enjoy it.

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