Open-Shell: Free Start Menu for Windows 10 and 11


Classic Shell was a free StartMenu application with many additional features for windows that were available in earlier versions of Windows, but have been removed from Windows Vista and Windows 7 and is probably the best choice for users especially those with windows Windows 8 and Windows 10.

It includes a large number of settings and facilities and the ability to change its appearance with skins. To adjust the application according to your tastes, right-click on its icon (bottom left of your screen) and select settings.

You will be able to manage the way you use your computer through multiple template styles and skins. It also provides instant access to recent, frequently used, or connected programs. 

You will also be able to quickly find programs, settings, files or documents with minimal typing, once you have customized it to your needs. Although Classic Shell is no longer supported, it gave the baton to Open-Shell which is based on the exact same features of Classic Shell and is now being developed by other developers. 

Its features make it a great upgrade tool that can be used by all users to use Windows. In windows 11 after installing the application, restart and as soon as you enter the windows environment click on the icon of the Open-Shell Menu Settings that you will see in the field of the windows start menu.

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