Photo Retouch Blemish Remover: Remove faces or objects from your photos


Photo Retouch Blemish Remover is a simple free application that allows you to remove unwanted content from any photo, from your mobile phone using just your finger. This way you can remove unwanted people from your photos or even retouch your face by removing any imperfections such as pimples, scars, etc. We will now see how easily you achieve this by following these simple steps.


1. Run the application and select the photo you want to edit.

2. After selecting the photo you want, click on the object removal button and draw the object you want to remove with your finger or pen. In this image we will remove the girl we see at the port pier.  After completing the contour design by first clicking on the object removal button, as soon as we are done, right-click on the arrow you see and wait a few seconds for the program to do its ΄΄magic΄΄.

4. If we do not have a pen to make a micro metric design of the outline, we will probably miss some points, for this purpose we go one click back, press the quick repair button and with our finger or one we paint the remaining imperfections and the program removes them automatically.

5. Finally, after completing our work we click save to save our new photo. 

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