Sunday January 24 2021

Rescatux: Computer boot repair tool with many other features


With Rescatux we can change the password on a linux system or do a password reset in windows to do a Grub reset (boot loader, the first software program that runs when starting a computer that is responsible for loading and transferring control of the operating system restore the MBR of Windows, (The master boot record (MBR) is a special type of boot sector that contains information about logical partitions, which contains file systems, in addition, MBR functions act as an operating system , regardless of the boot loader in conjunction with the Boot Record of our hard disk) Grub update, to check and fix our computer's file system and generally to do repair work on our computer when it has boot problems.

It can also help us check the integrity of our hard drive to create Partitions, and change passwords in windows and linux. Available in two versions in the older version and in the latest one which includes many new features.

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