Wednesday 17 February 2021

SendTo-Convert: Convert your photos keeping their size constant


It is perhaps one of the most useful programs spearheading simplicity, which can however help us convert our favorite photos from one type of file to another in the simplest and most effective way. 

The operation of the program is quite simple and all we have to do is after running the program to select the type of file we want to save our photos and the folder to be saved as well as any other option available from the program, we select the drag or drop that we want to convert with the process (ie drag and drop) the photos with the mouse or the keyboard on the program menu.

In fact, it allows us to choose the size of the file that we want the photos to have after conversion. So we can convert our photos to any size (but keep if the (select) constant the maximum capacity in kb (selecting and typing the maximum file size).

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            (32 bit)

            (64 bit)
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