Victoria HDD - SSD: Free diagnostics and repair program for hard drives and SSDs


Victoria HDD - SSD is a free program designed to diagnose and repair hard drives, SSDs, memory cards, and other drives in Windows. It is a remarkable, quite useful program that monitors the performance of your hard drive and gives you solutions in case of problems. You can examine your disks for various problems and if any are found then the application has the ability to repair them. 

It can analyze and display details about your storage media, including disk size, serial number and more. The application may redirect, restore, ignore or delete the data in the sectors that have errors or delete the data and correct it.

A powerful HDD surface scanner is built into the program, which allows you to diagnose the drive for bad areas, defects and interface errors. It is able to test almost all discs regardless of their type.

A feature of the scanner is the use of special algorithms for automatic adjustment of time limits and block size, which allows you to efficiently scan both slow and fast disks. The graph is based on 188 points, evenly distributed over the tested volume of the drive. 

The result is visually and numerically identical to a full 4-hour scan, except for finding defects. It is used to study known good drives to measure the main parameters: speed at the beginning and end, access time, behavior in different block sizes, as well as to compare different devices in terms of technical characteristics. Charts can be saved to files and loaded back into the program. (The website is in Russian language)

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