Wifi Analyzer: Monitor the power of nearby Wi-Fi networks


It is probably one of the best and most reliable applications to monitor the power of nearby Wi-Fi networks but also to use it to find the best power position for your wifi or to use it to determine the overlap of a channel with neighboring networks.

The menu is simple but informative and includes 4 options with different screens where in the first, you can see the power of the Wi-Fi signal, as well as the maximum and minimum average value in a graph with automatic scale, the second shows how Wi-Fi networks are spread across all channels and how they overlap each other, on the third you can see in a graph how the signal strength of all nearby networks changes with time and finally on the last one, you will see basic information about all the detected networks such as name, mac address, frequency, channel, encryption type, and signal strength. 

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TAGS: Tools , Android , Wi-Fi

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