Wednesday 10 March 2021

Autoruns: Block programs that you do not want to run when Windows starts


Autoruns is a simple, free application that displays all programs that run automatically when Windows starts. Displays the location, association, and order of autorun entries in startup and login sequences, including registry keys and other locations. So, you will have a complete knowledge of the automatic launch of each application that you have installed on your computer and you will probably be surprised at how many executable files start automatically. 

The application will help you to put an end to the programs that run automatically when we open our computer. Simply select the programs you want to run when you start your computer and turn off applications that do not have to run every time along with windows and save on speed and memory. 

Autoruns is a very powerful tool, so you should only turn off programs that you may have installed and do not want to run when your computer starts and not everything you see. since some of these are procedures that are necessary for the proper operation of windows, therefore, use it with caution. However, to avoid "accidents", hide the Microsoft and Windows entries from the Options menu. Run the application with administrator privileges.

Autoruns for Windows: 13.98

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