BatteryCare: Optimize and extend battery life on your laptop


This is a free software that will help us to always be aware of the full charge cycles of our battery so we know when to discharge it and fully recharge it.

However, it can also give us a lot of other information such as the temperature of our CPU and hard drive in real time, the ability to automatically select a power plan, and the ability to suspend certain operating system features that help degrade autonomy (Windows only Vista or later) such as disabling Windows Aero and window transparency, which requires speeding up the graphics card, and disabling it will help increase battery life. Suspending these services has absolutely no negative effect on the performance or security of your system.

An inaccurate meter can lead to incorrect battery capacity values. The battery may indicate that it still has 10% of its capacity when in fact it has a much lower value and this causes the computer to shut down unexpectedly.

100D charging (or charging) cycles consist of using all of this battery charge (XNUMX%), but not necessarily all at once. For example, you can use the laptop for a few minutes a day, using half the capacity, and then fully charge it. If you did the same thing the next day, they would count on one discharge cycle instead of two, so it may take several days for the full discharge cycle to be completed.


How to perform a calibration (full discharge)? The most suitable method to make a complete discharge (100% to at least 3%) consists of the following procedure: Fully charge the battery to its maximum potential (100%), let the battery "rest" fully charged for 2 hours or more in order to cool down from the charging process. Disconnect the power cord and set the computer to automatically hibernate at 5% if you can not select 5% then you should use the minimum value, but never below 5%.

Calibrate your battery meter with a full discharge every 30 charge / discharge cycles. (about once a month). If you use your laptop for a long time in the socket, you can extend the life of your battery by removing it and storing it in a cool place without moisture.

Battery storage methods

To store a battery for long periods of time, its capacity should be around 40% and it should always be stored in a cool place with the least possible humidity. If you are planning to buy another battery, it is recommended that you do so only when the battery capacity is very low. In addition, when buying a battery you should pay attention to the date of manufacture.

Advantages of the application

The advantage of using BatteryCare is that it lets you control the number of discharge cycles and when it reaches 30 (or other configured value), it informs you that it is time to fully discharge to maintain the battery meter calibration . This way, it always guarantees that the batteries will have the right capacity values. In addition, when you use the battery, there is the possibility of suspending certain functions of the operating system that help to degrade the autonomy (only in Windows Vista and above).

Windows Aero, a theme that enables visual effects such as window transparency, requires graphics card acceleration, which will obviously help reduce battery life. SuperFetch, ReadyBoost and SearchIndexer are three Windows Vista (and above) services that, even in battery mode, make extensive use of the hard drive and increase overall power consumption, thus reducing battery life. Suspension of these services has absolutely no negative impact on system performance or security.

Basic instructions on how to use the battery

It is important to extend the life of the battery to avoid full discharges (until the laptop stops working, 0%), as this puts a lot of strain on the battery and can damage it. It is recommended that you perform a few discharges at 20 ~ 30% capacity levels instead of a full discharge. Usually batteries in laptops contain a capacity meter that allows us to know the exact amount of energy stored.

However, due to the charge / discharge cycles, this sensor tends to be inaccurate. Some laptops include tools in their BIOS to recalibrate this battery meter, which is nothing more than a full discharge followed by a full charge. Thus, in order to calibrate the meter correctly, a full uninterrupted discharge must be performed, every 30 discharge cycles, followed by a full, uninterrupted, full charge.
Lastly do not forget if you change the battery to reset the meter to properly start the measurement of charge cycles update on your battery



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