CamWings: Free camera protection program against malicious use


CamWings is a very simple, free software to protect your PC and mobile phone camera that turns it off and prevents malware from unauthorized use of your cameras. You can turn your devices on and off immediately without restarting.  

You can also run CamWings with the "-Ghost" parameter from the command line or through the Task Manager to hide all UI elements and automate its protection. To turn off your camera just click on the app icon and you will see its appearance change. To activate it again, click on the icon again.

It can protect up to six cameras and requires no installation. On your mobile phone as soon as the application opens tap on the camera icon in the application and as soon as you see the color turn green your camera has been disabled.

To turn it back on, just tap on the camera icon again and once it turns red, the protection is off and you can now use it. 

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OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows, Android

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TAGS: Android , webcams

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