CryptSync: Synchronize your files in encrypted folders


CryptSync is a free application that will help you synchronize your files into an encrypted folder, whether it is on the local network or on the Internet in Cloud services such as SkyDrive, GDrive Dropbox, etc. You can configure multiple pairs and synchronize them so that you can keep a copy of them in an encrypted format. You must select the source folder that you want to synchronize with, and a destination folder that you want to synchronize with your files. You will also need to provide a password for the encryption. It is important to remember the password because if you lose it you will not be able to decrypt your files later.



Once you run the program you can start creating the synchronization by creating the pairs of folders, select New Pair.

In the first field choose which folder you want to encrypt and in the second the folder where the data of the first one will be copied while putting a good password.
Attention: By checking Encrypt filenames you can encrypt the names of the files in the original folder to be encrypted in the destination folder, but I do not recommend this because the file names in the encryption folder will change and you will not know what each one corresponds to. file. Finally, press the sync button to start the transfer.
If you want to decrypt the files you have encrypted in the destination folder, download 7-Zip install it on your computer and open the encrypted files with it by entering in the corresponding password field you will be asked for your original password.

CryptSync: 1.4.3

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