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Computer monitors consume a significant amount of power, unfortunately, Windows does not offer a more drastic solution to this issue. The power options in Windows have a setting to turn off the display after a period of time when your computer will be idle.

If you have a desktop computer you could for example turn off your screen manually, but still, can you turn off your laptop screen? Most laptops do not have this option.

Sordum Monitor off is a simple utility that can help you turn off your computer screen with a click or a keystroke.

This utility also has some extra features like locking the workstation mode, locking the keyboard when the screen is off, locking your mouse or muting the sound.

So when you use your laptop with a battery, you can significantly increase battery life by simply turning off your monitor when not needed, or by performing time-consuming tasks such as scanning for viruses or listening to music and for what you no longer need to see your screen.

The application does not need to be installed, so after unzipping the file to be downloaded, open the folder and click on the icon MonitorOff.

If you want to add other parameters such as locking your keyboard or mouse click on the icon MonitorOff_Config and select the functions you want.
However, for obvious reasons don't choose to lock the keyboard and mouse together because you won't be able to reactivate the screen. 

So choose if you wish one of the two. However, my opinion is that you should not choose this particular option at all if it is not necessary for you.

If you want to activate your application with a combination of keys, do the following. Right click on the icon MonitorOff and select create shortcut. 

Right-click on the application shortcut, select properties, and in the Shortcut key field, specify the key combination you want.

Finally click app and then ok to save your selections. From there, typing the key combination you selected will turn off your screen. If you now want to reactivate it just press a key or move your mouse.
the Sordum Monitor Off app
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