Saturday October 15 2022

SterJo Key Finder: Retrieve key codes from all installed programs


With SterJo Key Finder you can retrieve the keys from all the installed programs and the operating system that you use on your computer. This will be especially useful if for some reason you forget or miss some of them. 

This way you will have the list of all product keys saved at all times, so in case we need to go through them again for some reason, we will not face this problem. As you will see, it is available in two downloads, one for installing the application and one for using it without installation from a USB stick for example. 

This effective utility is ideal for finding installation keys for Windows and beyond. The process for recovering Windows is very simple and fast. After running the software, it will only take a few seconds to recover your lost keys such as the Microsoft Office installation key, but also installation keys from many other programs such as CorelDraw, WinZip, Nero, and many more. . 
One of its important features is that it allows us to find the product keys for windows that are installed on a different hard drive from the one we run our application, for example we connect to our computer through an external usb device a hard drive in our computer on which we have installed windows.

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