Wise Auto Shutdown: Program your computer to Shut Down, restart, disconnect


Wise Auto Shutdown lets you set your computer to shut down, restart, log off, put your computer into hibernation on a regular basis, or just once. You can schedule the task you want daily, at the exact time, on a specific date and time, or after a period of time that you have set manually.

You can also activate reminders so you will be notified 5 minutes before your command executes. However, if you are not ready yet, you can delay it by 10 minutes or up to 4 hours, without complicated options or unnecessary dialog boxes, you can easily choose which task you want and then specify the time.

The app can be minimized as a taskbar icon and run silently in the background. If you right-click on its icon, the menu that appears will allow you to immediately restart or shut down the computer, with a single click. Fully compatible with windows 10 and 11.

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