Thursday April 20 2023

Audio Book Maker: Convert any text to Audio Book


Free text-to-speech software that reads texts with a human voice (speech-to-speech player). Uses text-to-speech machines installed on your computer. Audio Book Creator also helps students learn to pronounce foreign languages ​​correctly (English, Spanish, German, etc.).

Listening to class notes or material on the computer will allow you to learn faster. By converting text to audio that can be used on players and study when you run or walk.

Its features include, reading text in voice from different voices (and in different languages). Convert text to audio files at high speed.

This way, you can create audio files and listen to them anywhere. After uploading the text, make the necessary spelling corrections (if required) and click the create audiobook button.

It includes adjustable speech parameters such as speed, pitch, volume, automatic text scrolling to make the text visible at the current reading position. 

Speech text can also be highlighted in any color while reading. It can read text and convert it from Word documents and PDF documents to audio for use on any CD / MP3 player.

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