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Photo compression is crucial when distributing our photos online. There are several programs for this purpose, many of which we have published in previous posts.

But our today's theme has something special and this is nothing more than the ease with which we can use it but also for the quality of the final result.

In short, it will help us compress our photos without losing any quality.

This means we can upload and distribute high quality photos at the smallest possible size. But now let's come to the application and see how it works.
We should clarify that in our case we do not need to install any program on our computer since everything is done through an online connection with the application that will undertake to carry out our mission. After connecting to the compressor.io app, upload the photo you want to compress.

Wait until it uploads and starts automatic compression, in a very short time you will see the result on your screen, in addition to the compression percentage achieved, you also see the total capacity gained.

From there, click on the Download Your file button to download the photo to your computer, 

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