DIALux: Calculate the brightness in your rooms


Free software that can help you design and calculate the lighting required in rooms, floors, buildings and outdoors. DIALux is used as a design tool by more than 700.000 lighting designers worldwide, is constantly evolving and meets the requirements of modern lighting design and calculation. DIALux can fit your existing workflow perfectly. It supports many open interfaces and file formats such as IFC, STF, DWG, DXF, IES or LDT. For example, you can use data from different CAD software and create a lighting design in DIALux. With menu in Greek, and opportunities to register in forums as well as watch videos and read instructions on how to work with the software, I would say that it is one of the best programs of its kind suitable for engineers, but also for anyone who wants to deal with and adequately calculate the exact lighting that the rooms of his house should have.  However, we must clarify that in order to work it, one must have experience with design programs so as not to "get lost".

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