DnsJumper: Find the fastest and most secure DNS IPs


DNS (Domain Name System) is a naming system for computer networks that use the IP protocol.

DNS maps names to IP addresses or other names on the Internet or other network and allows a server or a service on a server to be found using a name.

In this way it is used to map IP addresses to names so that a network administrator can use names to communicate or simply remember machine names, locations, domain names, etc. rather than IPs.

Therefore, every time you visit a website, the browser looks up its address in the DNS system, and the faster the nearest DNS server is, the faster the website you visited will open.
DnsJumper is an excellent, free, portable application that will help us with this purpose.

It automatically searches and finds the best DNS IPs for your area, it is portable so no installation is required and all you have to do after downloading it is to run it, first of all select the network card you are connecting to the internet by selecting from the field (select network adapter), now tap on find faster DNS, then tap on apply faster DNS button, finally tap on apply - save DNS server button.
the DnsJumper application

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